Oct 24, 2023

Maternity Family Session in Jackson, CA // Visual Narratives of Steph & Ryan

The sun kissed the horizon, casting golden hues over the grassy field in Jackson, CA, turning every blade into a shimmering strand of gold. Amidst this warmth, a family of three – soon to be four – shared tender moments, embodying the very essence of raw, genuine love during their maternity session.

In the world of photography, there’s something profoundly intimate about maternity sessions. They aren’t just about documenting the growth of a family but also about capturing the subtle shifts in relationships. The pure joy, anticipation, and the unparalleled bond between parents and their children.

As a photographer, my role is to be a storyteller, to craft visual narratives that convey these feelings. As someone who constantly looks for genuine moments that resonate with raw emotion, this session was an embodiment of all that and more.

Steph, in a beautiful dress she bought during her pregnancy with her son but never got to wear, radiated a glow that was more than just the golden hour sun. Ryan, in his signature hat, exuded pride and love. And their adorable two-year-old, elevated on a stool so he could reach his parents, played an enthusiastic part, showing off his belly to match his mom’s and casting admiring glances her way.

What made this session so special? Perhaps it was the unscripted moments – the spontaneous trio of hands caressing Steph’s belly or the endearing sight of Ryan and their son, standing on a stool, quietly watching Steph. These moments, fleeting and beautiful, are the ones that evoke intense nostalgia.

My relationship with Steph and Ryan goes way back to when Sean and I first started dating. From Walking Dead nights to following them to Amador County, they have become family to us. You may also recognize Ryan as my go-to videographer, Smart Flight Weddings. I was so honored to photograph their pregnancy announcement for their first child, the cutest family session in May 2022, and their wedding in May 2023. Being invited once again, to photograph their maternity session and document this new chapter, was both an honor and a testament to the trust we’ve built over time.

In the spirit of “visual narratives for moments that matter,” sessions like these serve as a reminder of why I do what I do. It’s not just about photographs but about memories, raw emotions, and timeless love.

For those reading this, especially soon-to-be moms and dads, I have just one piece of advice: Document these moments. Not for the world or for social media but for you and your family. Because, trust me, these indeed are the moments that matter.

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