Oct 16, 2023

Northern California Private Estate Wedding Amidst the Vines in the Bay Area // Visual Narratives of Shelby & Ethan

A couple embracing after their Northern California private estate wedding in a vineyard during golden hour, with the woman smiling and the man's face close to hers. The woman has a tattoo on her arm and wears a white dress, while the man is in a black suit with a boutonnière.

On May 27, 2023, the picturesque Persing Home and golden hills of San Martin, CA, became the backdrop to Shelby and Ethan’s dreamy California private estate wedding. Held at a breathtaking northern California private estate, the event captured the essence of love and the beauty of commitment.

Shelby and Ethan shared their vision for their wedding photographs was a “timeless romantic feel” emphasizing a minimalist approach to decor, preferring instead to highlight the natural scenery around them. The intention was to create an atmosphere that felt both classic and intimate.

Looking back at the moments captured, the ambiance of their photos perfectly embodies their dream. Their choice of the Bay Area with its rolling hills landscapes and the northern California private estate’s inherent charm lent itself beautifully to their theme. The elegant invitation suite, the subtle shimmer of the bridesmaids’ dresses, and the meticulously designed floral arrangements all mirrored the couple’s desired palette. Moreover, the intimate moments, such as their close-ups in the wine cave stairwell, the romantic sunset shots amidst grapevines, and the raw emotions on display, showcased the timeless romance they hoped for.

The northern California private estate wedding flaunted features that any couple would covet – from a captivating view to an infinity pool, and from a stunning outdoor ceremony spot to an impeccable reception area. A special mention goes to the estate’s wine cave/tasting room and its intriguing stairwell, both of which added to the day’s allure. Sunset photos amidst grapevines crowned the evening, encapsulating the wine country’s charm.

An insight into the thoughtfulness of the day was revealed through the wedding details Shelby and Ethan meticulously selected. Laid out on a rustic backdrop, the modern and elegant invitation suite hinted at the couple’s unique blend of timeless romance and contemporary flair. The dark, slate-colored cards carried the names ‘Shelby Rose Spain & Ethan Shane Dean’ in a swirling, delicate script, setting the tone for their special day.

Their northern California private estate wedding started in a well-lit bridal suite that echoed the joy and excitement of the girls. Meanwhile, the gentlemen got ready at the Dean Home, Ethan’s childhood home. It’s evident that Shelby and Ethan’s roots run deep in this Californian soil; they commemorated their engagement with a sunrise photoshoot in Morgan Hill, CA, back in 2022. This connection only amplified the sentimentality of their wedding day.

Their choice of accessories further captured the essence of their union. Shelby’s shoes, in a pristine shade of white, featured a delicate ankle strap, exuding both elegance and comfort for the day.

Shelby was the epitome of elegance, and her dress – sourced from Elegant Lace Bridal – showcased her beauty (check out their collection here).

Complementing her, Ethan and his groomsmen donned sharp black suits, while the bridesmaids shimmered in satin gold dresses. Enhancing Shelby’s natural beauty, Monique Mendoza worked her makeup magic while Nicole Jamora styled her hair to perfection. Their combined efforts resulted in a look of elegance and charm, which was hard to miss. With their expertise, Monique and Nicole ensured Shelby looked her best on her big day.

Intricately designed by Dawn Perteet, the floral arrangements provided a gentle contrast to the venue’s natural beauty. Shelby’s bouquet was a stunning masterpiece, intricately woven with creamy white peonies that commanded attention with their opulent and voluminous petals. Interspersed were striking white anemones, which stood out with their dark, almost black centers, offering a contrasting touch to the bouquet’s overall palette. Delicate clusters of baby’s breath, or Gypsophila, were sprinkled throughout, adding a gentle texture and lightness, while the elongated, slightly silver-tinted eucalyptus leaves brought a rustic charm. Possible ranunculus blooms, smaller and with layered petals reminiscent of roses, might have been spotted, adding another layer of whimsy to the ensemble. The combination was breathtaking, exemplifying both the romance of the occasion and the beauty of nature.

In the warm embrace of a sunlit afternoon, guests gathered amidst the lush green landscapes, the anticipation palpable in the air. The sprawling estate provided an impeccable backdrop, with its rustic stone architecture juxtaposed against the clear azure sky. A perfect day for their northern California private estate wedding.

Though memories of the ceremony may blur with time, emotions remain stark. A highlight was the touching speeches by both fathers. Ethan’s dad, wearing his heart on his sleeve, couldn’t hold back his tears. In a playful twist, guests tossed napkins his way. And let’s not forget the grand entrance, where water guns made a surprise appearance, injecting fun into the formalities.

Shelby and Ethan’s first dance song, “Wildfire” by Cautious Clay, is a song that touches upon themes of unpredictability, change, and the challenges of relationships. The title “Wildfire” metaphorically refers to something that can spread rapidly and uncontrollably, just like emotions or situations in our lives. Through the lyrics, Cautious Clay reflects on the transient nature of relationships and the rollercoaster of emotions that can be associated with them. I loved that they chose this beautiful, non-traditional song for their wedding. It spoke again of their raw, genuine love for each other even throughout wild, turbulent times times. The song’s lyrics touch upon the complexities of relationships, the highs and lows, and the commitment to stick through challenges. This reflects the vows and promises made during their wedding ceremony.

More than anything, this wedding was a confluence of relationships. Shelby and Ethan’s bond was mirrored by the unity of their families. Their parents share a love that’s evident and longstanding. And it was heartwarming to see friends, some from paths crossed long ago, come together, embodying the spirit of unity.

Shelby and Ethan, amongst the most fun people I know, of course had a kick-ass dance party at the end of the night DJed by Guadalupe Sebastian Martinez. Reception photos are becoming some of my favorite photos from wedding days and these are just some of the highlights.

It was so much fun to spend the day with some great friends, celebrating two amazing people. Every precious moment of Shelby and Ethan’s wedding was immortalized by videographer Tiago Moules. With his expert skills and an eye for detail, Tiago Media made sure that the couple has beautiful memories to look back on.

Shelby and Ethan’s wedding wasn’t just an event; it was a testament to love, commitment, and the joy of togetherness. With a stellar team of vendors and the raw emotion of the day, it’s an affair that will be cherished for years to come.

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Dress Boutique:
Elegant Lace Bridal
Website | Instagram: @elegantlacebridal_sanjose

Wedding Planner: Shawna Pacheco
Website | Instagram: @daydreamevents3

Bakery & Catering: Lawson’s Bakery
Website | Instagram: @lawsonsbakery

Florist: Dawn Perteet

Makeup Artist: Monique Mendoza
Website | Instagram: @moniquea.mendoza

Hair Artist: Nicole Jamora
Website | Instagram: @nicoleelizabeth_beauty

DJ/Music: Guadalupe Sebastian Martinez
Instagram Profile

Invitation Designer/Paper Goods: Zola

Videographer: Tiago Moules
Website | Instagram: @tiagomedia

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