Oct 11, 2023

The Evolution of CTP: A Journey Towards Authenticity

Hello to my cherished followers and future clients!

I am beyond thrilled to unveil the new face of CTP, the outcome of a journey infused with passion, evolution, and a touch of Boho chic. As with all great stories, let’s start from the beginning.

Back in 2017, CTP was birthed from my love for capturing “Visual Narratives for Moments that Matter”. It began as a solo project, where I built the brand and website from scratch. And while I sprinkled a hint of my adventures in Italy and some youthful zest with phrases like “capture your wanderlust” and “veni, vidi, vici”, it was time for CTP to mature alongside me.

Several life events spurred this transformation: a move to Northern California, welcoming my beautiful daughter in March 2023, and an aspiration to wholly immerse myself in photography by 2025. I wanted to evolve from the archetype of a young photographer caught in the whirlwind of cliches. It was essential to refine my brand to resonate with authenticity and unapologetic reality.

Enter Anna Grace Design, who meticulously helped curate the new essence of CTP. We revamped the color palette, bringing in neutral tones that echo sophistication. To honor my daughter, we subtly integrated motifs of suns and poppy flowers, symbolizing warmth, love, and new beginnings. The rebrand does not just stop at aesthetics; it encapsulates a philosophy. CTP now stands strong on the pillar of trust – a mutual bond that I aim to foster with every client.

Drawing inspiration from eminent photographers like Laurken Kendall and Bridgette Weust, the renewed CTP is tailored for the laid-back bride with an eye for luxury. Here, we believe that one can be effortlessly relaxed while cherishing quality and elegance.

To all my longstanding supporters, I hope this rebrand excites you as much as it does me. Your unwavering faith and encouragement have played a crucial role in this transition. And to those newly discovering CTP, I hope this space resonates with your search for genuine moments and luxe aesthetics.

A special shoutout to my husband, my pillar, who lent his wordsmith magic for the web-copy. As we prepare for the grand launch (details soon!), my wish is that CTP becomes synonymous with trust, authenticity, and class.

Join me in this new chapter, and let’s create “Visual Narratives for Moments that Matter”, together.

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